Teaching Learning Centre Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (Under PMMMNMTT, MHRD)

Arya College of Pharmacy

The TLC conducted training at Arya College of Pharamacy between Jan 23-Feb 6 in two sessions. For demonstration purposes, the college faculty, Ms. Kumuda's class on organic chemistry was chosen. The class comprised of first year B pharmacy students. In the first session, TLC faculty, Dr. G V V Sharma, conducted a session in the presence of Ms. Kumuda. Two quizzes were conducted on the E1 elimination reaction followed by a discussion with students after each quiz. In the next session, Ms. Kumuda was asked to to prepare similar quizzes on the E2 elimination reaction and conduct the class in a similar fashion. This exercise was conducted satisfactorily in the presence of the TLC faculty. Other Arya college faculty were advised to follow this practice and also conduct related labs, so that students learn by actually doing experiments.

The whole point of the above exercise was to focus on the concepts and maximise student retention capability.

Also, a senior student was asked to perform the role of a teaching assistant and correct the quizzes, enter the marks in a spreadsheet, manage it and share with all students. The idea behind having such a spreadsheet was to ensure that students were aware of their scores at all times and put more effort in case they were lagging behind. Since the teaching assistant is a senior student, her own learning improves by assisting the faculty. The faculty also gets more time for research, resulting in a win-win situation for all.