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Design Engineering

Faculty: Dr. Prasad Onkar.

Topic: Project Eye See.

Handling Students: Fabin, Marisha, Ambreesh, Teekshana.

The instructions for installation and use of the app is as follows:

  1. Download the FannyWorld apk and files from this Link.
  2. Copy the "Fanny World" folder into the "sdcard" folder of the phone's internal memory. Please note that this is not your external memory card, but the sdcard folder inside your phone's internal memory.
  3. Go to settings-security-device administration tab. Here switch on the option "unknown sources(allow installation of apps from sources other than play store)".
  4. Copy the fannyworld.apk to any folder and open and install it.
  5. Wear headphones plugged into the phone.
  6. Put the phone in the Google Cardboard.
  7. Start the app and select "Fanny glass" and then close the flap of the Google Cardboard. Wear the Google Cardboard.
  8. You can move to the next place within the app by quickly pulling and releasing the trigger on the side of the Google Cardboard.

Please note: the phone should have a gyrometer and accelerometer sensor for the app to work. A good performing phone would be smoother to view. It's advisable to keep the viewing time within 15 minutes continuous to reduce eye-strain.