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Middle and High School Mathematics

1:Geometry through Trigonometry.

Book Description:

This book aims to introduce students to high school geometry, through a trigonometric approach. Trigonometry allows various relations in geometry to be expressed as simple equations that can be solved easily. The proofs of major results are obtained through a series of easy problems. Hopefully, this approach will make geometry easier for students.

2:Geometry through Coordinates.


The focus of this text is on investigating the properties of triangles and circles through coordinate geometry. An early exposure to coordinate geometry allows students to use computers for mathematical visualizations and computing. This book provides an alternative ap- proach to geometry which may be useful to those having difficulties with traditional methods. In the process, almost all the basic concepts of coordinate geometry are covered. Instead of teaching geometry and coordinate geometry as separate subjects in high school, this textbook shows how to develop a holistic approach for teaching math.

3:Geometry through Practice.


This manual provides a unified approach for teaching primary and middle school mathematics by employing geometry for learning arithmetic and algebra. This is likely to speed up math learning besides helping the student apply mathematics in daily life. For best results, teachers and parents will have to create many examples similar to those available in the text. Also, students should be asked to draw all the figures themselves.

4:Coordinate Geometry through LATEX Tikz.


This manual shows how to generate figures encountered in high school geometry using LATEX Tikz. The process provides simple applications of coordinate geometry.