Teaching Learning Centre Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (Under PMMMNMTT, MHRD)

Matrix Analysis using Octave Workshop

The whole idea of the workshop was to shift the teaching of Matrix Analysis from the blackboard to the computer. The workshop was conceived by Dr. G V V Sharma after having taught the Matrix Analysis course at IIT Hyderabad for two semesters.

As part of the training program, the participants had to run a series of Scripts on the freely available software, Octave . Anyone who knows how to solve a matrix equation using row reduction can be trained with little effort.

Participants were given simple assignmentsManual related to matrices that had to be solved on paper and verified through Octave. Finally, a series of problems derived from research papers were given as an assignment.

This is a simple way of teaching students elementary concepts in matrices and introducing them to research. Through the training program, teachers are encouraged to teach subjects by incorporating content from research papers in their college exam question papers.

7Teachers participated in the workshop conducted at IIT Hyderabad on April 9, 2016.