Teaching Learning Centre Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (Under PMMMNMTT, MHRD)

Teaching Repository

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty: Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey.

Topic:Development of online courses.

Introduction and objectives:

To bring education to many people free of cost, many top universities have started offering online courses. However, most of these online courses contain long video lecture hours which make the learning process little difficult. In this proposal, we plan to develop online courses with following specific objectives:

  1. Development of short module of a given course.
  2. Recording of short videos for each module.
  3. Development online questions bank of fundamental problems for self-certification.
  4. Development of online portal for the subject.

To start with the above module, we plan to work on engineering statics course. Later, we will cover more courses like Vehicle Dynamics, etc.